About the creators, Katie Lawley & Sarah Tester

Once we decided to make the move ‘Down Under’ our thirst for knowledge on WA was insatiable! Our visa agent was fantastic with giving us general information but what we really needed was advice from someone here in Perth, already living the dream. Trying to obtain information on suburbs and schools was a nightmare. What we really needed was someone to tell us about the things that don’t jump out from Google when you research.

We wanted a better work life balance and more time together as a family. These were the things that whilst researching we couldn’t get a real point of view on.

Having five children between us certain information such as schooling, out of school activities and general lifestyle was so important yet very difficult to find. We wanted to make this transition as easy as we could for our children as well as us.

Now we are here, it’s exactly what we dreamed of, heading down the beach for a bar-be-que with friends and a dip in the Indian ocean before watching the sun set. 

This site will give you all the standard information, the contacts to start the visa process and have a smooth relocation and all the information you need to know before you leave the UK and on your arrival in Perth. 

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  • Applying For Your Visa
    Australian Visas & Australian Citizenship. Australia is a great place to live, work, study and visit. Its amazing lifestyle and great employment opportunities make it the no.1 country to migrate t..

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  • Finding the right suburb in Perth!
    Once you have made the decision to move to Perth and visas are under way it’s time to start researching which suburbs will best suit your lifestyle and needs. WA is vast with hundreds of subu..

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  • Schooling in Perth WA
    The school system in Australia differs greatly from the UK. There are a mix of different schools in WA including, private and government. Private is a popular choice in Australia as it is a lot mo..

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  • Settling In Stuff

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